• What can Rentpluz do for me?

    Traditionally you will be paying 7-10% of your rental income to a property management company. With Rentpluz property management software, you can manage all of your rental properties and inspections very easily for a fraction of the cost. On a typical rental property rented out at $600 a week, you would be paying the property management company around $3000 plus other charges such as admin and letting fees. Rentpluz property management software gives you the convenience of modern technology providing accessibility from anywhere with any device with vastly reduced costs. Rentpluz property management software will be 10 times cheaper than going with a property management company.

  • How does the free trial work?

    Rentpluz property management software will offer you a 15 day free trial once you sign up. Free trial period will provide you with the essential tools to set up your rental property. You can create a property rental, add tenants, manage your documents, set up rental schedules etc. for free of charge. No credit card details are required.

  • What happens after the free trial?

    After the 15 day free trial period, if you have not subscribed to Rentpluz, you will not be able to update your rental details or perform property inspections. You will still be able to view details.

  • Do I have to pay for the mobile inspector application?

    No. Once you have subscribed for Rentpluz property management software, you will be able to perform property inspections by logging in to the mobile application using your Rentpluz account.

  • How many properties can I add?

    Unlimited. Rentpluz property management software does not restrict you adding property rentals. Rentpluz will provide you statistics very effectively for multiple rental properties.

  • Can I add multiple tenants?

    Yes of course, you can add any number of tenants for your rental property in Rentpluz property management software.

  • Can I start a rental property in the middle of a rental?

    Yes you can. You can start the rental even if you are in the middle of a rental period.

  • How can I notify tenants about the inspections?

    Once you complete a rental property, Tenants will be sent an invitation email to login to the tenant portal.

  • If my tenant needs to leave early, how can I arrange that? (Tenant moving out)

    Rentpluz provides you tenant moving out features, so that you can initiate the tenant moving out process and get prepared to create another rental.

  • Can I track maintenance tasks with Rentpluz?

    Yes, use the "Expenses" functionality to track your rental property expenses. You can upload your electronic files of invoices as well.

  • Will I be able to advertise my property in other websites?

    Yes, RentPluz lets you create a listing page for your property which you can share with any one directly or via social media.