The best DIY property management tool

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Simple to use software for Landlords

  • Create rentals easily
  • Upload documents and share with tenants
  • Easily manage multiple tenants
  • Tenant portal to update tenants
  • Track rental property expenses
  • List your rental property for free

Inspections With Mobile App

  • Do inspections using the mobile application
  • Take photos, add notes and upload results
  • Compare with last inspection details
  • Easily schedule inspections

Cloud Based

  • Modern and intuitive
  • Access from anywhere with any device
  • High security
  • Works in all modern browsers

Visualise Data

  • See how your investment performs
  • Analyse rental property expenses
  • Access property rentals with Google Maps

How we make your life

    Creating property rentals made easy

    Rentpluz wizard navigation makes it very easy for landlords to create rental properties quickly and easily.

    The features of Rentpluz cloud based property management software  are designed to give a rich user experience. They are self-explanatory and tool tips are provided to make things more clear.

    Cool features like auto populating property addresses makes adding data more fun.

  • See what’s going on with your property rental at a glance

    Rentpluz dashboard displays important graphs and information about your rental property.

    It’s a neat and simple landlord property management software interface that clearly displays your rental property data and presents you very useful information to make important decisions. Rentpluz calculates your gross yield and net yield to give you a clear idea about your investment.
    Easy rental payment handling

    Once you complete adding details about the rental property, Rentpluz creates a Rental Schedule for you. It will display all the information you need to make sure tenant pays on time.

    Rentpluz property management software can also be set up to remind you when the rental payments are due so that you can follow up your rental income.

  • Map View!

    Rentpluz provides you a map view which displays a snapshot of all your properties along with important information and links to manage your rental property.
    Notifications to guide you

    All the important events are notified to you via notifications widget. Rentpluz is designed to improve the usability.

  • Works from anywhere with any device!

    Rentpluz is a cloud based property management software, no installations required, you just need a browser. Rentpluz is optimised to view in any mobile devices.
    Analyse your expenses

    Tracking your expenses is very important.

    Rentpluz analyses your rental property income and expenses and forecast important statistics like how much is spent “out of pocket” per year, per month, per week for rental property investment.

    No other software in the market gives these features for this price.

  • Inspect your rental property like a PRO!

    Unlike any other property management software in Australia, you can easily schedule rental property inspections with Rentpluz.

    It’s just a matter of simply adding a date for the inspections, Rentpluz does the rest for you. Tenants will get notified with their tenant portal.

    Download Rentpluz Mobile Inspector from Appstore or from Google play, and visit your property on the inspection date.

    It’s just a matter of taking photos of your property, add a note and upload inspection details. Rentpluz landlord property management software makes things easier for you!
    Free access to Tenant portal for your tenants

    Tenant portal lets your tenants know when the payments are due, when property inspections are scheduled and see their own financial ledger.